Write the first page of a "Choose your own adventure" gory horror book that begins with a researcher named Alicia who goes to a scientific base in Antarctica from which no communications have been received for weeks. At the base there was a team of six scientists and its unknown what happened to them. On the first page Alicia suffers a helicopter accident due to a storm in which only she survives and approaches the outside of the scientific base threatened by the snow storm. Right at that point we leave the reader to choose what to do next.


Alicia clutched the controls of the helicopter tightly as the storm raged around her. She had been sent to the scientific base in Antarctica to investigate why they had lost contact with the team of six scientists stationed there. The wind howled and snow pelted the windshield, making it nearly impossible to see. Suddenly, the helicopter was jolted violently to the side and Alicia cried out as she struggled to regain control. She knew she had to land the helicopter, but where? The base was supposed to be nearby, but she couldn't see a thing through the storm. Just as she was about to give up hope, the outline of a building appeared through the whiteout. It was the base! Alicia fought to bring the helicopter down safely, but it was too late. The landing gear caught on something and the helicopter tipped over, crashing onto the snowy ground. Alicia groggily opened her eyes, her head pounding. She was alive, but she didn't know for how long. The storm was still raging and she needed to get to the base before it was too late. She fumbled for the door handle and finally managed to wrench it open. The cold hit her like a wall, taking her breath away. She could barely see a few feet in front of her through the swirling snow. But she had to keep moving. She stumbled forward, her feet sinking into the deep drifts. As she approached the base, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease. What had happened to the team of scientists? Why had they lost contact? She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to ward off the cold and the fear. Alicia reached the door of the base and tried the handle. It was locked. She pounded on the door, shouting for help. But no one answered. She was about to give up and search for another way in when she heard a faint sound from inside. It was a voice, calling for help. Do you: A) Try to find another way into the base B) Break the door down and rush inside to help whoever is calling for help

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